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Are you making the most of technology? Do you have the time to find out what is out there to help, and which of the many thousands of new technology solutions would be the best for you?

Technology has changed all our lives, from the rise of social networking to the significant cost savings systems offer businesses. Yet we believe that many are missing out on the benefits.

At BVN we embrace online technology to help our clients save money and maximise efficiency.  We have spent a considerable amount of time researching different solutions and the companies that created them to put together a reliable “systems stack” for our clients, including:

Information Supply Chains
Do you understand the true costs involved in your business? Do you need to review your processes and resource allocation? Do you have a Change Management programme on the horizon? Our Information Supply Chain partner provides a unique and easy to use solution that quickly helps businesses to visualise the real cost of doing business and the value of existing information.

People Management
Do you manage your personnel data across a number of different systems and reports? How much time does it take to find key information such as probation dates, annual leave allowances and sick days? Are you on top of all your mandatory HR processes? Our online HR software solution has everything you need to run a tight ship on a single platform.

Profitability Analysis
How profitable is that job you are pitching for going to be? Do you have the resource to manage it? Our profitability analysis partner has developed cloud software that helps your consultancy or agency run more profitably and grow faster, managing sales, resourcing, time and expenses, all in one beautifully designed system. 

Sales Coaching
Are your salespeople performing as you would hope? Have you invested in expensive training courses only to feel later that you’ve wasted your money? Our team of highly experienced Sales Directors don’t believe training alone is enough so we’ve partnered with the creators of a unique observational coaching platform that empowers managers to successfully drive behavioural change and sustainably accelerate the performance of salespeople through evidence-based data and a proven sales coaching methodology.

Sales Funnel Analysis
Ever wondered why your sales team missed their target? What happened to all those opportunities in your pipeline? What is the ROI of your Marketing activity and where do all the leads go? Our data analysis partner provides business leaders with a unique insight into their businesses by connecting data sources and providing automated reports and dashboards so they can stop losing money in their sales funnel.

Business Process Transformation
Can you imagine a world where all of your internal and external communications and business information are held on a single platform where data is secured and managed to the latest and emerging mandatory, legally binding, regulations?  And, where all conversations can be conducted, and all forms of information, can be shared entirely privately – on any device, at any time?  No more lost emails from clients, no more confusion about who is doing what, no more “application allsorts” – for staff, customers or suppliers.  Our partner provides easy-to-use, branded online solutions built around people and their interactions with business information and with each other.  People can interact with each other quickly, conveniently and safely in anything from private pairs to small, medium or massive national networks.

Can you access your up to date business finances whenever you want to or wherever you are? Do you spend hours every month or quarter pulling together all your invoices and expenses for your mandatory returns?  We are partnered with one of the fastest growing Software as a Service companies globally who provide an easy to use but powerful online accounting system designed for the small to mid-sized business. With the simple sales invoicing system and automatic bank feed, their solution provides you with up to date information and helps improve your work/life balance by reducing the time you spend on your books.

To find out more about any of our technology partner solutions or to book a free 45-minute consultation with our Business Systems advisory team, please contact Helen Davis at helen.davis@bvn.partners