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Pipeline Management

Have you ever wondered why your sales team missed their target when they seemed to have so many opportunities in their pipeline? 

The first step is to ensure you have a future-proofed CRM system; the second is to ensure it is properly used, and the third is to use its data to drive sales forecasting and reporting.

Our experienced Sales Management team will work with you to deliver a full analysis of your current pipeline management and recommendations on best practice – both in terms of systems and usage.  If you want us to, we will even train your sales people on how to use your CRM so that you get what you need out of it!

If more detailed analysis or reporting are required beyond the capabilities of your standard system, we can bring in our data analysis partner who will connect all your data sources together to provide automated reports and dashboards to ensure you no longer lose money in your sales funnel.

To find out more about our Pipeline Management services, or to book a free 45-minute business review meeting with our Business Solutions team, please contact Helen Davis at helen.davis@bvn.partners