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Are you looking to make equity investments or loans to Start Up and early stage companies for the first time?  Or, do you just wish to improve your knowledge and due diligence activities to mitigate the risks of investing in or lending to early-stage companies?

BVN Partners comprehensive seminar programme will provide individuals contemplating making an investment or loan with guidance and support on:
  • What types of funding opportunities are available and which are best suited to you?
  • What is expected of you and what type of involvement do you want to have?
  • What should you be looking for and what standards of information should you expect?
  • What are the processes and formalities?
  • What should you expect post funding?
  • Where do you find the opportunities?
Additionally, separate workshops for Investors and/or Lenders, focused on key regulatory areas, will be run throughout 2017, providing insight to and an update on the latest changes relating to Tax, Law, Corporate Governance and Regulation.

To find out more about our events for those seeking to provide Funding to Start Up or early stage businesses, or to speak to someone in our Ventures team, please contact Nigel Tobin at nigel.tobin@bvn.partners or Helen Davis at helen.davis@bvn.partners