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SPARK Groups

Are you are looking to grow your business, develop yourself, or ensure you are operating with the greatest efficiency?

Would you like to benefit from the insight and experiences of other successful business owners?

If so, BVN SPARK groups, where like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals join up to share ideas and tackle challenges and problems together, may be just what you need.

Like having your own personal, objective Board of Directors, outside your own environment, SPARK group members act together as catalysts for growth, inspiring each other to create and implement goals, holding each other accountable, brainstorming new ideas, giving feedback and supporting each other with total honesty, respect and consideration.

Advice & Support
SPARK groups provide an instant and valuable support network of other business owners who all contribute ideas and answers to help you make a success of your opportunity.

Think bigger
You can’t help but think bigger when surrounded by entrepreneurial people doing entrepreneurial things. 

Progress & Accountability
SPARK members are focused on driving business growth and confidence thereby keeping each other accountable so real progress is made.

Everyone in business understands the value of a good network. By joining a SPARK group, not only do you instantly add to your network but often gain further valuable contacts from your fellow members.

New learning
Each member is unique in skill, experience and connections. The coming together of these different backgrounds creates an environment everyone to learn, build on their strengths and address their weaknesses.

As a result of meeting on a regular basis, you might also find opportunities to work together. You can help other members achieve their projects or tasks and they can help you.

The SPARK groups allso offer the opportunity to cross-promote each other’s businesses or products, yet another way of working together to achieve your goals.

Each SPARK group consists of 6-10 CEO/Business owners, carefully selected by BVN to ensure similar goals and commitment with no conflicts of interest. Held monthly, at a London-based venue appropriate to the needs of the group, SPARK meeting agendas are set by the group and facilitated by a Senior Partner from BVN.

To find out more about our SPARK groups, please download the brochure below, or contact Helen Davis at helen.davis@bvn.partners
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