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Are you looking to invest in or lend to Start Up or early stage SME companies? 
Are you looking to invest in or lend to Start Up or early stage SME companies?
Have you already invested but have not achieved the returns you hoped for?

Or perhaps you have been advised to consider SEIS and EIS investing or P2P Lending and would like some guidance? 

If so, the Ventures team at BVN Partners would be delighted to provide a helping hand and some guidance.

BVN Partners runs regular events for existing and new investors to provide guidance on the pitfalls and what to look out for in making investments or loans to Start Up and early stage SMEs.

We also have our own affiliated Angel Network – Investment Hub UK - so if you qualify as an FCA defined High Net Worth individual or, as a Sophisticated Investor, you are very welcome to apply to join, or to come along to our next event to find out more about us.

Additionally, BVN can provide you with access to a number of our Venture clients.

To ensure our Venture clients looking to raise funds are investment-ready, BVN takes them through a comprehensive support programme including a rigorous selection and due diligence process.  

Our thorough approach mitigates many of the ‘risks’ of investing in Start Ups and early stage SMEs, and our  programme’s governance also ensures regular reporting to all stakeholders on progress towards achieving business goals, success and wealth creation.

To arrange an introductory meeting or call with our Ventures team, or find out about our next Funder event, please contact Richard Bevan at richard@bvn.partners